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Car Batteries and Roadside Assistance

Why keep paying for traditional Roadside Assistance membership every year, when you don't need too?  Become 
part of the Roadside Revolution and enjoy peace of mind with our new  Battery and Breakdown service.  

Marshall offers anyone a 'Pay To Use' breakdown service anywhere, anytime, who knows when that unforseen 
breakdown situation may occur.  Simply 'Holler For A Marshall' and we will provide you with a quote to get you back 
on the road again or towed to an appropriate service provider.  No annual membership, no joining fee.  All you need 
is a credit card.

Our range of Breakdown services include:


Don't risk doing it yourself, we can deliver & install quality Marshall Batteries to suit any car, truck or boat, including light trucks and commercial vehicles. 

If your battery is flat we will jump-start your battery and get you going quickly at any time of the da
Loked out
 Locked Out** 
 Marshall Batteries in New Zealand are one of the country premier automotive locksmith services.  We can access your vehicle and retrieve your keys locked inside.
Run out of fuel Run Out of Fuel 
We will come to you and provide you with enough Petrol or Diesel to get you going back on the road again.
Tyre changeover Tyre Change Over
Flat or Damaged Tyre? We will come to you and change over the flat or damaged tyre with your spare wheel. 
Towing Towing 
If we can't get you going we will arrange for your vehicle to be towed.

* Whilst we do not restrict the age or type of vehicle eligible for our Roadside Rescue service, any prices quoted or displayed for services are indicative and based on a standard 2WD Passenger vehicle requiring Roadside Rescue services during normal business hours.  Additional charges may apply.  **Lock out service is not available for some vehicle types.  Please refer to our full  terms and conditions