2100OP Small 750W “on board” (12v 8A – 36v 15A):
• 3 charge profiles – versatile covers all technologies
• On board mounting
• Light weight
• Ideal for small EVs, cleaning machines, Golf Buggies
• Ability to be interlocked
• 12 amp plug for simple connection

2100SP Small bench version (SP1 and SP2):
• SP1 - From 12V 08A to 36V 15A
• SP2 - up to 24V 60A, 36V 40A & 48V 30A
• 3 charge profiles – versatile, covers all technologies
• Light and compact taking little space
• Push button delay for easy termination
• Efficient using less energy
• These chargers will suit most 24 v equipment sold!

Not suitable for use with air solutions. Single phase/European voltages only.

  SP Series