Single Point Watering Gun

The Model G watering gun has a 5/8" nozzle with a shallow bend for filling batteries with flip top vent caps. Automatically shuts off when battery is watered to correct level.

Single point Watering Gun

Powerfill Single Point Watering

• The Powerfill Single Point Watering System offers longer
   batterylife, lower maintenance costs and a fast clean accurate
   water replenishment system for industrial batteries. Exide
   Powerfill saves you time, money and helps maintain a clean
   working environment.
• Easy – simply connect water supply to the battery by way of a
   single, quick connecting coupling. Switch Powerfill on and the
   battery is quickly topped up to the correct level.
• Clean – no more acid affected hands, cleaning up acid spills or
   damaged clothing.
• Fast – no more opening every cell, searching for suitable water or
   moving the water supply from cell to cell.
• Accurate – no more battery failures due to overfilling, wasted
   battery water or wasted time checking electrolyte levels.

Powerfill Single Point Watering