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The Pallet pro pack is an integrated Valve Regulated battery and charging system designed for 24 volt electric walkie pallet trucks with loading capacities of up to 1800kg.


System Design
Exide Industrial Energy’s Pallet Pro battery pack houses a “smart” SCR charger complete with auto stop/start capabilities and four, 6-volt Element batteries connected in series, to provide a 24 volt system with up to 25% more capacity, at the 6 hour rate, than competitively published rates.

Less Maintenance
Element® Valve Regulated batteries mean reduced maintenance. Most of the expense, time and safety concerns typically associated with conventional flooded battery maintenance are reduced under normal operating conditions, including cell watering, acid equalization, acid spills, corrosion and waste treatment systems.

Pallet Pro™ Battery Design
The Element batteries used in Exide’s Pallet Pro battery pack incorporate the proven Absolyte® technology used in larger industrial Element cells for just a fraction of the cost. Element batteries have a more robust design with lower internal resistance than traditional flooded batteries,
providing higher voltage.

Pallet Pro