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The FUSION Series is a line of fast industrial battery chargers that feature advanced power electronics technologies and microprocessor controls.

• Advantages:
   - Eliminates battery replacement
   - Reduces operation costs
   - Improves worker productivity and safety.
   - Compact size, weight and Modular Design

• Applications:
   - Industrial electric vehicles – Forklift trucks and
     ground support equipment (GSES)
   - Electric and hybrid electric vehicles

• Features and Benefits:
The FUSION Series is a multi voltage multi capacity battery charger eliminating the need for multiple chargers in a facility or plant. Users can standardize on a single fast charger from a single source simplifying installation, operation and maintenance. With is advanced user interface, the chargers are field programmable to fit any battery size.

• Advanced Intelligence and controls:
The FUSION chargers features state-of-the-art microprocessor controls and advanced user interfaces including an on-board Infra Red port. Using a PDA device (a Palm Pilot) along with user friendly Palm software, users can easily and fully program various charging parameters and select among the various charging sequences that best meet their specific battery needs.

• Features and Benefits:
Equipped with an RS-232, an IR port, and an optional Ethernet port FUSION extends its programmability and monitoring features.

Fast Chargers


 Specifications  FSN-10KW  FSN20KW  FSN30KW
 Volts/Amps  48V/200A  48V/40A  48V /60A

 Voltage  480VAC, 3-Phase ± 10% Delta Connection with Earth Ground    
 Current  13.8A ms nomina;  27.6A ms nominal  41.4A ms nominal
 Power Factory  0.96
 Input Protection  25A Disconnect/E-stop  63A Disconnect-Estop  63A Disconnet/E-stop

 Voltage  24V-48V Nominal, 62.5V Maz.    
 Current  200A Max.  400A Max.  600A Max.
 Power  10kW  20kW  30kW
 Overload 110%
 Peak-to Peak
 Voltage Ripple
 Efficiency  92%
 Input  • Under voltage
 • Over voltage
 Output Specs  • Over Current
 •   Over Vopltage
 •   Over Temperature
 •  Reverse Polarity Protection

 Ambient Temperature  0-40 C    
 Humicity  10-90% RH non-condensing    

 Communication  Isolated RS-232 (Ethemet optional)    
 User interface  LCD/Keypad, RS-232, IR with a PDA (Palm Pilot))    
 Cooling  Forced air (fans)    

 M x D x H  23"x28"x21"  23"x28"x34"  23"x28"x34"
 Weight    lb-350 lb  
 Output Cables  2/0 cables  2 sets of 4/0 cables  2 sets of 4/0 cables
 Output Connectors  SBX with auxillary contacts
 or Euro
 SBX with auxillary contacts
 or Euro
 SBX with auxillary contacts
 or Euro
 Auxilliar Contracts  Interface with a 5 kW
 battery thermistor
 Interface with a 5 kW
 battery thermistor
 Interface with a 5 kW
 battery thermistor