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Battery ID

Battery ID is an RFID based system, utilising an antenna & RFID tag integrated into the battery plug. Battery data is read from the tag by the charger data written to the tag by the charger.

  Battery ID Pic 1
Bullet Depth of discharge & over discharge counters
Bullet Retention of battery build information
Bullet Ability to reset the user install date & cycles
Bullet Date of manufacture held for life
Bullet Life cycle counter
Bullet Verifies “state of charge” meter setting
Bullet Enhances function
Bullet Battery data presented in user-friendly summary
    on charger

Bullet Low cost solution per battery
Bullet Reduce battery downtime via full visibility of
    battery operation
Bullet Trucks & batteries can be redistributed to different
    operations on site, using depth of discharge data
Bullet Batteries can be used to full potential by monitoring life
    cycle counter data
Bullet Battery & truck rental application utilizing ability to
    reset user cycle counters
Bullet Prevent operator battery abuse
Bullet Highlight incorrect charge methods