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A Battery Management system including:
• Battery usage priority display
• Battery Room Power Management
• Battery history/usage data
• Remote charger control
• Remote charger fault analysis

Remote monitoring of up to 500 charging points:
Bullet Enables maximum control giving labour savings

Charging points can be split by truck type or charging area:
Bullet Gives optimum visibility and total control

Strict battery rotation regime:
Bullet Increase battery life and lowers maintenance costs

Alarm and data recording for incorrect charged battery removal:
Bullet Enables best utilization of stock and increased productivity

Power use limits can be preset:
Bullet Total control means energy efficiency

System cut out if ventilation fails:
Bullet Fail safe operation complies with H&S regulations

Removes need for low level switching:
Bullet Major savings on installation costs

Information Processing

Information on which battery to be taken next If an error, visual and audible alarm.

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