The 2100HPK range of chargers are regulated chargers and can be configured in five different charge profiles, Flooded cells, Fast Charge Flooded cells, Low maintenance cells, Gel cells, Element cells, with many menu options, air agitation, automatic watering and delayed start of charge are but a few.


2100 HPK Series
• Light and compact:
   - For lower handling and installation costs
   - Helps to meet wall point loadings
   - High power conversion efficiency
   - Lower running costs
   - Low maximum input currents
   - Reduce installation costs
   - LCD display panel
   - User-friendly operation

• A wide choice of models available in all our charging profiles:
   - Allowing compatibility with Exide.net
   - Air Pump connection
   - Gives compatibility with Air agitation
 Input Voltage  1PH – 230VAC ± 10% 3PH - 400VAC ± 10%
 Input Frequency  45 – 66Hz
 Input Current Formula’s  1PH I = (1.41 x V out x I out) / V in 3PH I = (0.885 x V out x I out) / V in
 Input Cable  2 meters of flexible PVC cable to BS6500
 Input Protection  32mm Type F fuses, fitted on the power module’s PCB input
 Charge Characteristic  Software controlled, multi-profile (6)
 Output Voltages  24, 36, 48, 72 & 80V ONLY
 Output Cable  3 meters of coil lead heat and oil resistant & flame retardant cable to BS6195
 Output Protection  LET type, fitted on the output PCB
 IP Rating  IP21
 Cooling  Thermostatically controlled fan
 Ventilation  Chargers can be placed next to each other, but the rear fan must not be blocked
 Ambient operating temperature  0 – 35?C
 User Interface  Graphic LCD with 6 LED’s and 5 Switches