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PRESS RELEASE: Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

- Friday, January 31, 2014

Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

Marshall Power today advised employees of the company’s intent to cease its local battery manufacturing in Edinburgh North, South Australia.

This announcement affects factory employees, with manufacturing at the plant planned to conclude by the end of 
2014, when the site will operate as a Distribution Centre.

This was a very difficult decision and not one made lightly. We are very proud of our manufacturing history and 
to lose some of our dedicated team members is always a last resort. We must ensure long-term viability and sustainability for the larger employee group.
" Said Andrew Duncan, Marshall Power Australasian Sales and Marketing Director. 

All Edinburgh North employees have been made aware of the Company’s intent and have also been advised that the business has provided for all their entitlements. The Company has an established process of consultation and communication and will ensure that this process is conducted with dignity. A meeting of all employees took place at Edinburgh North, SA today at 2.30PM AEDT and counselling and outplacement services have been offered. 

The business owns a range of leading automotive battery brands including Exide and Marshall, which continues to be sold across Australia and New Zealand. Some of these products have been manufactured locally while others have been imported. 

“We recognise the great work of our manufacturing staff in South Australia and they will be fully supported throughout the transition. All viable options have been explored and due to competing imports and to deliver increased value to all Australian and New Zealand motorists, we have no choice but to fully utilise our associated companies to manufacture offshore. Whilst we are deeply saddened about losing some of our team, this announcement delivers long term viability and allows us to continue to provide best in class product and a new range that will secure continued supply and value to our customers. 

Our business will continue to supply Australian car manufacturers and our Australasian aftermarket customers. Today’s announcement is not attributable to any one specific factor and is not related to any decisions made by Australian car manufacturers. This is a commercial decision taken by our business." said Mr Duncan.

Marshall Power is dedicated to delivering the best technology and continued value to its customers. 

Since 1935, the business has been and will continue to provide market leading batteries for automotive manufacturers and aftermarkets across a range of uses including Car, Marine, Motorcycle, 4WD,caravanning, Agribusiness, Trucking and Home & Garden products.

For further media information, please contact
Travis Atkins
0417 329 138

PRESS RELEASE: New Owners For Iconic Battery Brands - Exide & Marshall

- Wednesday, February 06, 2013



Exide Technologies today announced the sale of its Australasian Transportation division to Marshall Power Australia and Marshall Power Limited in 
New Zealand (“MP).  The sale was finalised on February 4, 2013. 

This sale does not include or affect the Australasian GNB Industrial division which Exide Technologies Incorporated will retain going forward.

MP, an associated entity of RAMCAR Batteries Inc., will assume the transportation business in its entirety, including sales operations, the battery manufacturing facility in Edinburgh North, South Australia and will continue to locally manufacture batteries for the Australasian OEM and Aftermarket using the iconic brands of Exide and Marshall Batteries. 

RAMCAR, headquartered in the Philippines, was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading independent lead-acid battery manufacturers in the ASEAN region, the United States and the leading battery manufacturer in the Philippines with strong OEM links. The company manufactures a complete line of domestic and foreign automotive and  commercial batteries using the very latest technology and quality control methods. It also owns and operates businesses in the IT area as well as specialising tooling and engineering. 

MP will continue to operate the business as an ongoing concern, leveraging the brands and businesses of both Exide and Marshall for long term growth.

‘This acquisition brings together a global leading automotive battery company with the iconic Exide Batteries product, a strong business culture with professional staff and systems.  It will continue to build on the 75+ years of trading that Exide and Marshall have enjoyed in the region’ said Bong Bernardo, MP’s Managing Director.

MP’s Australasian Director of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Duncan also adds ‘We are delighted that MPL will continue to be ‘product’, ‘R&D’ and ‘customer’ focused and enhance the operations in Australasia, further cementing our market leading brands. The commitment to stored electrical energy solutions remains second to none and this new era is welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm’. 

Exide Technologies will work closely with RAMCAR throughout a transition period to ensure a smooth move for customers and a continuance or World leading products and service. 

For further media information, please contact

Travis Atkins
0417 329 138

The ultimate battery power now comes with more heart

- Friday, October 26, 2012


The iconic Marshall Premium and Extreme range has turned PINK.

There is now even more reason to choose a trusted and reliable Marshall battery, you will also be helping to support the amazing work of the Breast Cancer Network.

How to purchase a pink battery: go to our store locator for your nearest store or Holler for a Marshall on 0800 465 537.


The Breast Cancer Network is a volunteer organisation supporting all New Zealander's who are affected by breast cancer. They raise money to provide support networks for

those suffering from breast cancer and work on the prevention of breast cancer.

Help us stop cancer where it starts.

For further information on The Breast Cancer Network please go to:

Getting a head start on Winter

- Friday, May 04, 2012


When winter is on the way, it means more than just cold weather for your battery.  A dead battery in extreme cold can strand motorists and a battery failure at the wrong time can be a headache to say the least.  But don't worry, help is always on hand and Marshall Batteries are ready to help you as soon as your Holler and remember you don't need to be a member to Holler for a Marshall!

Batteries installed over three years ago are likely to need the most attention during Winter.  Is your vehicle is becoming sluggish to start?This is often a sign that your battery is on the way out and you should Holler for a Marshall now to have it checked out!  

The best defence and safety measure is to have your battery and charging system checked regularly by a Marshall Technician prior to the winter period.

Whilst some batteries are sealed, many Marshall Batteries have removable vent caps to allow the battery to be serviced.  Check the fluid inside is about 5mm above the battery plates.  If the fluid needs topping up, use distilled water.  You should also check that the battery is securely fastened and that the battery terminals are clean and tightly connected.  More hints and tips on battery care can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Several tips for good auto and battery maintenance to prepare for the cold weather:

  • When you drive in cold weather, make certain you drive the car long enough to recharge the battery and try to avoid frequent stops and starts over a short period of time. 

  • To effectively recharge a battery, motorists should minimise electrical loads, such as windshield and rear window defrosters, radio, extra lights and electric windows etc

  • If the is difficult to start, this is an indiction the battery maybe about to fail.  Holler for a Marshall and ask us to perform an electrical systems and battery check.  
Remember if you suffer a Dead Battery don't Yell, Holler for a Marshall!

Marshall Batteries launches new information centre

- Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Marshall Batteries have always been market leaders when it comes to the very latest battery technologies.  Now Marshall is leading the way in service and after-care with the launch of its new on-line information centre.

Welcome to our new on-line information centre were by browsing through the simple to navigate menus, you can explore the Exide battery world and research our complete product range, accessories and after-care services.  Whether you are looking for a new automotive battery, an advanced deep cycle or industrial application or simply what to better understand which application is right for you is the only place you need to visit.

Keep up with the latest news from Marshall Batteries via electronic newsletter, simply register and you will receive regular updates on new technology, hints and tips to extend the life of your battery and the very latest consumer promotions.

Need to know which battery you need for your vehicle?  Why not try our new interactive passenger selector, which will guide you through which product and technology is right for you.

Maybe your interested in just what makes our batteries so good.  Our  Interactive Battery Tour will explain just how are batteries are constructed and why our products lead the market in terms of quality and overall performance.

Buying an Exide battery doesn't end when you walk out of the store, our information centre can provide you with advice on how to look after your battery, information on Marshall Batteries Nationwide manufacturers warranty as well as other great accessories available to keep your battery fully charged and tested.

Its all here on-line ready for you to explore.  The best products and now the best after care and service.  For the best products, whatever your battery application.  Choose Marshall Batteries

Australian Made shows quality

- Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Marshall Batteries is proud to partner with Australian Made, to promote our range of Australian Made product.

Marshall Batteries is a part of one of the largest battery suppliers to vehicles manufacturers based in Australia and New Zealand, and this technology exchange enables us to remain at the forefront of meeting the needs of new vehicles and leading the after-market category. This in-turn, is supported by Exide Technologies global connections with vehicle manufacturers around the world to ensure the latest technologies are employed to power the vehicles of the future.

Exide Technologies and Marshall Batteries manufacturers product for transportation applications at our facility in Elizabeth, South Australia and has a battery recycling facility in Wellington, New Zealand.  Marshall Premium and Extreme products carry the official Australian Made logo and we are delighted to parter with Australian Made, a brand synonymous with quality, and resilience. These ranges are designed and built in Australia specifically for harsh conditions. Why are they so good? Take a look at our Interactive Battery Tour and judge for yourself.

So when your looking for a battery built tough to meet you needs, Choose Marshall Battteries and look for this symbol.

New Stowaway Leisure Cycle Range

- Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Exide have launched a new range of cycling batteries specifically for the Camping, Caravan and Leisure markets.

Our new Stowaway Leisure Cycle range have many unique features for the modern outdoor lifestyle.  Maybe your looking to power your fridge, shower or other electrical systems?  Well you can rely on Stowaway Leisure Cycle for optimum performance.  

The ranges features include:
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) Technology - offering excellent cycling for long hours
  • Spill & Leek Proof Casing - For horizontal and vertical operation
  • Excellent Deep Cycle ability - Designed purely for Deep Cycle use with industrial design.
  • Dual Post - SAE and Studded post for ease of wiring equipment
  • Maintenance Free Technology - Spill proof and hassle free
To view our complete range of batteries designed for cycling and starting applications for Camping, Caravan and Leisure applications please browse our website or contact us