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Correct Storing of Batteries

Batteries have a limited shelf life and when stored gradually lose their power to perform. On average, a fully-charged battery takes about 13 weeks to gradually discharge to less than its optimum operating level.

The rate of charge loss depends on battery type (low maintenance or maintenance free) and temperature conditions.

Charge loss becomes more evident when temperatures increase.

At 20 C low maintenance batteries lose approximately one half of one per cent of charge per day (30 percent in 60 days). At 30 C charge loss is usually double the rate for 20 C.

Under similar temperature conditions, maintenance free batteries lose their charge more slowly than low maintenance batteries. Excessive humidity will also accelerate charge loss.

A battery stored upright in cool and dry conditions is ideal.

Whilst in storage batteries that have not been recharged and allowed to go flat, may be permanently damaged. Recharging every four to eight weeks, depending on storage conditions, will restore batteries to "as new" condition.  

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